Blown away

I’d like to express my gratitude for Chris Stoehner with XSA International. Last year I took his course on Traumatic First Aid. I was blown away by all the knowledge and skills I took away from the two day class. I never dreamed I could learn so much and with a technique that has stayed with me. I immediately stocked my IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit). I take it with me everywhere. So far, thankfully,  I’ve only needed to use it once, on my grand dog, no less! We were out camping and another dog bit the end of his tail off. Blood was flying!!  I grabbed my IFAK and went to work!  After applying gauze pads with pressure to staunch the bleeding I was able to trim the hair with my scissors and clean the wound. I was then able to bandage the tail to keep it clean until he was able to get to the vet. Happy to say he made a complete recovery!!

I’m so thankful to Chris for putting together such a valuable course that has resulted in me feeling confident that if an emergency should arise I’ll be prepared to deal with it.

Thanks again Chris and Jennifer for all your hard work training us regular folk!

Julie Caster
Homeschool Teacher & Stay at Home Mom, El Cajon, CA

When the rubber meets the road, this training holds up.

I have attended several classes from the XSA LLC package of Tactical and Emergency medicine. I cannot recommend Chris’ programs enough. This goes beyond the personal endorsement of quality, since those courses I have unfortunately had the occasion to employ my skills in both the civilian world as well as in my role as an on the ground security provider in hostile environments.

During high stress, fatal incidents, I have successfully and professionally employed my skills. My work has taken me to some of the most dangerous conflict zones on earth and my confidence has been measurably increased holding the skill sets I learned from XSA. Numerous clients have received abridged emergency medicine training (based on the XSA curriculum) during their Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT Course), and a number of these clients have in turn reported that these skills both gave them confidence and came in handy in critical moments.

It doesn’t matter if you are a law enforcement officer, security provider, first responder, or civilian, you NEED to take an XSA course if you are serious about personal or group safety. When the rubber meets the road, this training holds up.

Alex Trafton

Sign up for any XSA courses, you will not regret it

Not many companies offer Emergency Life Saver/TCCC courses to the general public, let alone at a remarkable price point, however XSA is a great exception. Their courses lack nothing, and will keep you coming back for more.

I myself have attended over 6 courses in the last 4 years, each time refreshing my knowledge, testing my skills, and constantly learning new things. The scenario portions of the courses are nitty gritty and you will experience a thrilling adrenalin dump every time. The knowledge and skills gained through the XSA courses are not just for the First Responders, as responsible civilians ARE the first responders in most incidents. Get yourself a quality education, spend your money wisely, and don’t hesitate to sign up for any XSA courses, you will not regret it!


Seth Caster

You need to take this course!

Doc Stohner is the quite possibly the top ELS man offering ELS training to civilians in the America today.

I grew up on a farm, working around large animal and heavy machinery, ever conscious of where the first aide kit was. As a young adult I was an expert swimmer who became a certified life guard. As an adult I maintained CPR AED and first aide certifications for my professional career. I never realized how much more prepared I was capable of becoming until I attended the XSA Emergency Life Saver course.

Life saving emergency medicine is a process and technique that you are in fact capable of executing in order to save the life of yourself or a family member, if only you know how. Having a medical kit and hap-hazardly seeing what you can do with its contents when the chips are down simply WILL NOT tow the line. Knowing how to asses the casualty and situation, the procedures necessary and being capable of executing those procedures under duress is the ONLY THING that will.

If you are looking to up your emergency medicine game, make confident sense of all the gear you have stowed in your IFAK and make ready to respond in a highly effective manner when the medical need arises; any moment spend considering taking an emergency medicine course is a moment wasted. You need to take this course, today!

The knowledge and confidence I gained in taking the XSA International ELS (Emergency Life Saver) course taught me to keep a level head and to prevail. No other life skill is so essential as being able to maintain the life of a loved one in need of emergency medical attention. I cannot recommend this course more, as a man, as a husband, as a brother and as a professional.

Colin Despins
President of the Max Venom Product Group

Colin Despins

I will continue to retake the program to stay fresh

I was introduced to the Emergency Lifesaver course through a friend whom I take defensive firearms courses with. We’re both avid shooters and though I had little interest in the medical field, he convinced me to take a TCCC course with XSA. At the end of the two-day course I was in disbelief at how I had added to my toolbox of knowledge. I have since taken the ELS course multiple times and continued to the Advanced Delayed Field Care course. These skills go far beyond the range or firearms, I feel more confident at work, in pubic places, and knowing I have the skills to help my family or friends should anything happen. Chris is an excellent instructor and I will continue to retake the program to stay fresh and current in an ever changing world.

Dylan Ayers
Business Owner. San Diego, CA

XSA for those who want to be prepared

Just a few weeks after taking the Mass Casualty Training course with XSA International, I happened to become a first responder in real, actual life. Let me tell you how the adrenaline sets in, and how immediately you scramble in your mind, ‘what do I do?’ This is when every second counts. The training that I took with Chris and Jennifer is the sole reason I was able to act fast and respond to the situation. I plan to continue my education with XSA International and I strongly recommend their programs to anyone who strives to be proactive, who understands that knowledge is power, and who wants to be prepared when unexpected events become a reality.

Angela Gerhardstein
Massage Therapist, CA

I recommend this type of training to everybody

My name is Leia Wallace, I first took the tactical combat casualty care (T.C.C.C.) class back in March of 2018.

In addition to that class, I also took the advanced delayed medical class on June 9th.

I took these classes, and intend to take more because I want to be able to respond to an emergency with more than just a cell phone. I have grown up shooting guns and taking self defense classes and recognize that anything can go wrong, even on a casual range day.

Having the knowledge of how to pack wounds, apply tourniquets, seal up chest wounds, establish airways, etc. is truly priceless. Aside from being around guns fairly often, this training can be applied to a lot of various situations like car accidents, work related injuries, animal attacks, etc. that’s why I recommend this type of training to everybody, not just people who are around guns.

Many people say when talking about why they carry guns for self defense is that when seconds count, the police are often minutes away. When it comes to emergency trauma care the same could be said about paramedics.

If you value your life and the lives of those around you, take this class and learn the skills needed to stop the bleeding, and start the breathing. It could mean the difference between life and death.

Leia Alexandra Wallace

I can’t say enough good things about XSA International

Speaking for myself and on behalf of Armed Equality, a SoCal based LGBT Self Defense Group, I can’t say enough good things about XSA International, LLC. Chris Stoehner is passionate about his craft and it shows at his events. His willingness to know his audience and cater to the specific needs of a wide variety of clients is sure to bring him great success.
I highly recommend that everyone take this level of medical training and truly believe it’s something that should be taught to all high school seniors. The ability to save lives while you wait for emergency responders is a skill that we should all have. If you don’t know how to create and utilize an improvised tourniquet you are being negligent in your duty to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones. These are skills that you will remember for the rest of your life. Step up, make a difference.
Piper Smith
Armed Equality, CA

I have recommended this class to so many of my friends

I signed up for the Mass Casualty Preparedness class not really ever thinking I would use the skills I learned, more so because I don’t feel okay with knowing I could help if a situation were to arise but I was unable to due to lack of knowledge. I hope to never be in a scenario where I need to use the skills, but I feel better knowing I have them in my repertoire. Chris is as knowledgeable and easy to follow as you could ever hope for in an instructor. I have recommended this class to so many of my friends and I would highly encourage everyone to sign up.



Kelley Christianson

This course is put together extremely well and is easy to obtain, whether you have prior medical experience or not.

We are constantly surrounded by danger and hazards in our day to day life, rather you’re outdoors hiking, camping, at work, or even just on your way to the local supermarket there is always potential for accidents to happen.

By attending the XSA ELS courses I have acquired the knowledge and skillset to confidently treat everything from a baby choking, car accidents and all the way to life threating gunshot and blast wounds and just about everything in-between that you can encounter in your every day life.

The content of this course is put together extremely well and is very easy to obtain, whether you have prior medical experience or not.

I attended this class with little to no experience at all and at the end of the 2-day ELS class I walked away with the confidence and understanding of how to potential save a loved one’s life and even my own.

I have attended multiple 2-day ELS courses and an Advanced delayed care medical course in the past 2 years. It was very beneficial for me attending the course twice because there is a lot covered in the 2 days and although you walk away with a ton of knowledge and confidence to save someone’s life, the second time through it I was able to pick up on some things that at first, I didn’t write down or I simply just forgot.

After my second course I have become extremely confident in the ability to handle life threatening trauma in a dire situation. The live scenarios on the 2nd day of the 2-day class are extremely helpful and gives you the chance to really put everything you’ve learned to the test!

In my opinion you can’t afford not to take this class, the knowledge and skills to be able to save a life is priceless.

Mark Ackenback
Firearms Instructor, Welding Manager. Menifee, CA

Chris has an amazing combination of extensive experience, enthusiasm for getting people to learn and incredible equipment that he provides.

I can not recommend XSA Internationals Emergency Life Saver Course enough if you want to not only truly learn what to do in an emergency, but have the mindset to know HOW to handle that stressful situation. Mike Tyson was once quoted as saying, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. I saw a moment like that in one of Chris’ Emergency Life Saver Courses. His class provided a great dosage of realism that creates a confidence that will prepare you for when things go bad!

Chris provides a safe environment that allows you to gather information and concepts crucial to providing care to others and yourself. He truly helps you build a mindset that can allow you for lifesaving skills and beyond.
The biggest strength of the course is Chris. He is a man that truly cares about and promotes the learning process. He adjusts well to different learning styles and ability levels with genuine concern and humility. Chris has an amazing combination of extensive experience, enthusiasm for getting people to learn and incredible equipment that he provides.
If you want to be truly prepared for when things go bad on the range, in your shop, on the road or anywhere, please take the Emergency Life Saver course from XSA International!


Peter D. Brown
NR Paramedic

I have taken the course multiple times over the last 4 years and each time I walk away with an extra knowledge each time

I recently took the TCCC course in San Diego with XSA International, I have taken the course multiple times over the last 4 years and each time I walk away with an extra knowledge each time.

I was interested in learning some medical procedures since I am very active with firearms, off roading, hiking, all in remote areas where help is not always readily available. Having prior EMT training, I thought I had a good general knowledge of emergency medical treatment, I also knew I needed a refresher and that lead to Tactical Causality Care brought in the methodology of care under fire.

With the introduction of skills such as installing nasal airway, applications of tourniquets, assessing multiple patients and triage care. Chris’s skill level, not just in medical knowledge is exceptional and his ability to adjust the course to custom fit the education to fit the protentional risks of his students was top notch.

One of the courses I took had young adults from the age of 15 to everyday grandparents, mixed with active military, LE and other EMS. Chris adapted scenario-based training that ranged from babysitting infants, active shooter engagement, suicidal teenager, mass causality car accidents and all were handled with such professionalism mixed with common sense approaches that left no one asking for more information or confused by what they just learned.

I have used my recently learned medical skills multiple time while working in the field, I have been first on scene while at work for anything from deep lacerations, broken limbs and amputations.

While treating the patients the acronyms taught to me by Chris echoed in my ear as I got my medic bag out of my truck and started to administer aid, also all the scenario-based training gave me the mental support needed to face a similar situation I have seen before, treated before and was comfortable now applying these skills to the victims.

In my personal life I have used these skills with anything from lacerations, heat exhausting and splinting a dislocated knee of a player on my daughter’s volleyball team. I highly recommend this course and the advanced course to anybody that is conscientious of their safety, their family’s safety and even the person you don’t know but is important to someone else.

Erik Anderson
Sr Construction Manager/RE City of San Diego - PUD/EMS Divisions