XSA International, LLC is a Veteran Owned and Operated business with a mission to save lives!

Our Goals:

  1. Provide the necessary life saving skills to those who need it most: anyone with a pulse!
  2. XSA has a mission to fill the gaps in Law Enforcement training for agencies seeking continuing education and special tactics training, but lack the proper funding, or are overlooked due to isolation and department size.
  3. XSA seeks to provide our uniformed Military personnel with the best training standards in the industry. The need to fill vital billets in overseas operations has military personnel spread thin. In many cases personnel may find themselves slotted in combat roles for which they were not primarily and adequately trained.
  4. The threats against the civilian populace in the United States has never been greater creating a greater need for more and more civilian first aid responders, XSA’s goal is to train responders to adequate standards.
  5. XSA works to improve the quality of life for its clients before, and after a traumatic experience through the implementation of ‘stress inoculation’ in all of our training programs.



At XSA International all of our training starts with these basic assumptions:

  1. Those who are not prepared for adversity are generally worse off than those who are.
    2. One cannot rise to meet the challenges of adversity without first preparing for it.
    3. Stress inoculation aids in individual recovery before, and after a traumatic event.
    4. Education is the greatest weapon to combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

These concepts drive all of our training programs, and motivate us to find the most relevant tactics, techniques, and procedures for our clients.


About Chris

Chris is an Expeditionary Veteran of the recent Global Wars on Terror. His primary job as a Navy Hospital Corpsman (Fleet Marine Force) has given him the skills and experience to teach emergent medicine across multiple disciplines in virtually any environment. He is also a 12 year veteran of Law Enforcement Special Operations whose primary job was as a Tactical EMS Sergeant and provider. Chris has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Military Science and International Politics from New Mexico State University in 2012.

About Jen

Jen is Chris’ wife. She earned her Bachelor’s in Fine Art from New Mexico State University in 2006. She uses her artistic talents alongside Chris to provide makeup and training for the role players during the scenario based training portions. She also helps to supervise the CPR/AED and First Aid portions of our training programs.

Adjunct Instructors

Adjunct instructors for XSA International are subject matter experts in their respective fields and most come from extensive military, or law enforcement backgrounds. If you have a special training need, we have an instructor that can meet your needs!


Integrity – You can expect us to do the right thing, always.
Community – We are building a family of like-minded people.
Intelligence – You can, and must expect for us to be smarter than the rest.
Adaptability – Flat out when you have problems we will be there to help you find the solutions you need.